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We believe in a strong local identity:
your city or your region is your brand.

Your citizens, organisations, sport and culture commit
themselves to this brand and are proud of it…

This identity is reflected not only at
street level, but also increasingly online.

from IRL to URL


Amsterdam and Friesland paved the road 10 years ago with the domain extensions .amsterdam and .frl.

Just as we made web hosting accessible through Mijndomein, we will make your domain extension accessible through Dotlocal. Have you ever considered .rotterdam, .edinburgh, .lyon or .ardennes?

We build on our experience with .amsterdam and .frl to turn this opportunity into reality. We take care of the application and the financing. We bring together the right people. You take care of marketing and adoption. You share in revenue. Together, we will create a new success story.

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These extensions co-exist with the well-known .nl, .uk or .de but offer more opportunities. Now is your chance to follow in their footsteps: a round of applications for new domain extensions will soon be announced..