We are dotlocal_

In the past, we made “having your own website” accessible to everyone with our brand Mijndomein. Now, we make “having your own domain extension” accessible with our brand Dotlocal.

Within Dotlocal, the domain specialists of Mijndomein and Metaregistrar work together to help cities, regions and brands establish their digital identity in an approachable way. More than 20 years of experience as a hosting company and more than 10 years of experience in applying for and managing the successful extensions .amsterdam and .frl gives us unique insights into the market and the opportunities.

Our story

Dotlocal’s extension story begins with the decision by the Province of Friesland to discontinue its application for .frl. Dotlocal, then still under the name Metaregistrar, felt this was a missed opportunity and was granted permission to continue the application. Together with an enthusiastic team of Frisians, we made .frl a successful local extension.

Oprichter met groot .frl-logo
Pioniers-evenement .frl
Krantenartikel ".frl populair na lancering"

A year later, the city of Amsterdam asked us to manage the operation of .amsterdam. This extension became a success as well, with more than 25.000 domain names registered. In addition to these two geographical extensions, we also manage .co.nl.

Autostickers 050 (Groningen)
Social media-account Mokka020, het Amsterdamse kengetal
Reusachtige .amsterdam-banners in het Amsterdamse straatbeeld

Over the years, we have been a strong advocate for a secure service. For instance, we stood up to the US-based regulator by correctly implementing European data protection laws even before GDPR came into force, and we are active in various interest groups on local internet extensions.

Our offerings

Dotlocal is at the roots of .amsterdam and .frl and brings with it more than 10 years of experience to the table. What else can you expect from us?

  • A personal approach and commitment
  • We take over all the administrative and technical work
  • Clear business model, no unexpected or hidden costs
  • Support in your marketing activities
  • Full-fledged realtime reports
  • Point of contact for your sales channels
  • We only work with renowned back-end providers
  • Emphasis on security and legal frameworks (e.g. GDPR, NIS2)
  • Strong sales channel through sister company Mijndomein

Part of
The Sharing Group

Dotlocal is part of The Sharing Group, a group of colleagues, brands, members and investors with a shared interest, living the motto "Simple, Smart, Shareable". Making more impact on society with less impact on the environment. Our proposition arises from our belief in the power of local.