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The power of a .local

Freedom of choice

The big advantage of a local domain extension, is the ultimate freedom of choice that it offers. After so many years of internet, many .coms and .uks are taken. This does not apply to your local domain extension, on which even local concepts like restaurant.yourregion, jobs.yourregion en tourism.yourregion can be started.


People are proud of their city or region and they can expose that online with a .local. A .local builds the local identity and pride. Having a local domain extension means shorter domain names, as you can leave out the locale in the domain name.


Search engines process local domain extensions as well as any other domain extension. Even better: a local domain extension explicitly shows which region you serve. This improves search engine rankings for people searching nearby.


A local domain extension is as secure as any existing domain extension. Moreover, as an applicant, you yourself set the rules and conditions that apply to domain names under your extension.

For whom

For whom is a local domain extension interesting? Regions and cities with a strong own identity are very suitable. The size of your region is not the decisive factor, the connection people feel with it all the more.

As Dotlocal, we take care of the investment, thus removing one of the biggest barriers. Do you believe in the digital identity of your city or region? We would be happy to discuss the possibilities.

This is how we do it

We use our experience with .amsterdam (a globally recognised brand) and .frl (a strong local brand) to realise your own .local. We take care of all the administrative, legal and technical work. You bring your region under your own ‘dot’. Together we create a new success story.

Cost indication

Dotlocal takes care of the investment involved in the application. What remains are adoption and marketing. For this, you use your existing network(s) and engage local parties. On success, you share in the turnover. Together, we ensure that the digital brand is strengthened and that a local extension is not just for big cities.

A prerequisite for funding is a commitment to a minimum number of domain registrations. This is easily achieved in most cases, but you can also choose to reserve a number of domains for your own use.

Advice and support

We are happy to assist you in the application for your extension and advise you on the possibilities, including business plan, without any obligation. Of course, this is done on a confidential basis.