The launch

Pioneers such as the Port of Rotterdam, the Night Mayor and Pride Amsterdam fired up the people of Amsterdam for the priority phase in which local organisations and residents had the first right to register their domain name. Backed by billboards and boastful TV commercials, no Amsterdammer could ignore the extension. The priority phase saw a lot of “gimme my .amsterdam”, resulting in more than 11,000 registrations.

Abri-poster .amsterdam
Voorbeeld Facebook-post lancering .amsterdam
Reusachtige .amsterdam-banners in het Amsterdamse straatbeeld


There are currently around 22,000 .amsterdam domain names are registered. Every month, about 100 people claim their new .amsterdam. More than 80% of the .amsterdam domains are registered by Amsterdam people. The others target the city in a different way.

Registry websites for .amsterdam

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Also yours

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