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The power of a .brand


Many brands currently have a domain name per country, but also per product and service. Wouldn’t it be much more efficient to combine this all under your own extension, with your brand name displayed at all times?

Saving costs

Not only can you register an unlimited number of domain names at negligible cost, but you can also save money on defensive domain registrations: domain names that you don’t actually need, but register to prevent someone else from doing so. Think of all local domains (.nl, .fr, .it, …), but also variations and typos.

Freedom of choice

Always have the perfect domain name at hand when launching a new product or service: everything is available for registration. This is a big advantage over .com or .uk, where most short and memorable domain names are not available anymore, let alone dictionary words. What about jobs.brand, sale.brand or 2024congress.brand?


You, and only you, can register domain names under your own extension. Each domain name is managed by you and is inherently protected against phishing and other threats. A customer visiting one of your domain names, knows that he is in a secure environment. A good example is the international bank BNP Paribas, which has consolidated all its online banking under .bnpparibas.

For whom

For whom is a dot-brand interesting? These will initially be the larger international brands because of the investment required. Depending on the brand in question, an own extension could also be of interest for a more local or smaller brand.

This is how we do it

We use our experience with .amsterdam (a globally recognised brand) and .frl (a strong local brand) to realise your own .local. We take care of all the administrative, legal and technical work. You bring your brand under your own “dot”. Together we create a new success story.

Cost indication

Although not all details are known yet, a good indication for the investment is an amount of €600.000 for the application itself and first 10 years of operation. Additional to this amount are the costs for advise and consultancy and the budget that you define for marketing, promotions and other activities. The revenue comes from brand visibility and savings on security and existing domain portfolio.

Advice and support

We are happy to assist you in the application for your extension and advise you on the possibilities, including financing, without any obligation. Of course, this is done on a confidential basis.