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The power of a .generic


A .generic addresses people and organisations that fit your target audience. These can be entities anywhere in the world (like the existing .shop and .app), a very specific niche (like the German .versicherung (insurance)) or anything in between. Your domain holders no longer need to include the “generic” term in their domain name, resulting in shorter and more meaningful domain names. Can you see the potential yet?

Freedom of choice

Existing domain extensions are so crowded, that short and memorable domain names are hard to find. With a .generic, you offer a new, empty space: ultimate freedom of choice for people who register a domain name ending in your extension. This is a great advantage, because you are making valuable domain names like info.yourextension, keyword.yourextension or name.yourextension available.


A generic domain extension is as secure as any existing domain extension. Moreover, as an applicant, you yourself set the rules and conditions that apply to domain names under your extension.

For whom

For whom is a generic domain extension interesting? Anyone who has an idea for a unique, generic term can apply. Of course, the relevance of the name should be in balance with the investment.

This is how we do it

We use our experience with .amsterdam (a globally recognised brand) and .frl (a strong local brand) to realise your own .local. We take care of all the administrative, legal and technical work. Together we create a new success story.

Cost indication

Although not all details are known yet, a good indication for the investment is an amount of €600.000 for the application and first 10 years of operation. Additional to this amount are the costs for advise and consultancy and the budget that you define for marketing, promotions and other activities. The revenue comes from the sale and annual renewal of domain names. You may even define a premium price for the best domain names.

Advice and support

We are happy to assist you in the application for your extension and advise you on the possibilities, including financing, without any obligation. Of course, this is done on a confidential basis.